Estate Concrete Delivery

Concrete Delivery in Northern VA, DC and MD

Estate Concrete delivers timely, quality concrete services to businesses, industrial sites and residential home throughout VA, MD and DC.

We give you the flexibility of ordering a delivery with a traditional drum barrel mixer or a volumetric mixer to fit your needs as well as a small line ‘city’ concrete pump and a ‘city’ concrete boom pump to assist in hard to reach pours. Admixtures and fiber reinforcements available upon request.

Estate Concrete Flexible Ready-Mix Delivery Options:

Drum Barrel Mixer:
Our drum barrel mixers provide you with exact numbers of concrete as well as strengths ready to be poured upon arrival. This is a better option for the use of admixtures and color addition (provided by the customer). Within our fleet, we offer your choice of a front discharge and rear facing discharge drum barrels for your convenience.

Volumetric Mixer:
Our volumetric mixer trucks carry the sand, stone, cement and water in seperate compartments to mix on-site. This benefits you with pours within a half yard; no “hot-loads”; higher strengths and exact slump requests.

‘City’ Concrete Pump:
Our small line concrete pump is perfect for tight job sites. Its compact footprint allows for minimum disruption at the job site, yet is capable of pumping up to 300 feet using 4″ diameter lines. Equipped with hard and soft lines giving you the flexibility in hard to reach areas.

‘City’ Concrete Boom Pump:
Our 17-foot meter boom pump has a slightly larger footprint than our small line concrete pump. This boom pump will enhance the job utilizing the 56-foot boom and connecting soft or hard lines for your convenience. Also capable of pumping up to 300 feet.

Estate Concrete Product Options

  • Concrete Mixes from 3500psi to 5000psi
  • Natural Sand
  • 4000psi 3/8″ Pea Gravel
  • Custom Mixes Available
  • Front & Rear Discharge Drum Barrel Mixers
  • Mix On-Site Volumetric Mixers
  • Small Line ‘City’ Concrete Pump (300 feet)
  • 17-Meter ‘City’ Concrete Boom Pump (300 feet)

Contact Estate Concrete, LLC today to discuss your project needs and to schedule a delivery in your area.